Geant 4 validation web application
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NameDescriptionWorking Group
ATLAS shower characteristics of ATLAS CalorimetersLHC-feedback
CMS shower characteristics of CMS CalorimetersLHC-feedback
atlasbar Test of ALTAS barrel type em calorimeter, determines response, resolution, and CPU performanceelectromagnetic
test37 Test against Sandia data, electron beam in semi-infinite media.electromagnetic
test41 Comparison with MUSCAT experiment for multiple scattering validationelectromagnetic
HadrIon Test of Physics Lists (thick targets, ion beams)hadronic
IAEA IAEA Benchmark of Nuclear Spallation Modelshadronic
Testfragm Test of hadronic generators (thin targets, ion beams)hadronic
simplifiedCalo Test of Shower shapes using selected simplified calorimeter setups.hadronic
test19 High energy test, provides comparison with NA61 (31 GeV/c proton beam) and NA49 (158 GeV/c proton beam) data sets.hadronic
test22 Testing of the FTF model and comparison with experimental data for a wide energy regionhadronic
test23 Physicslist label test hadronic
test30 Test of hadronic generators of inelastic processeshadronic
test35 Test of hadronic generators of inelastic processes, based on results of HARP collaboration, Experiment PS214 at CERN.hadronic
test45 Test of hadronic generators of inelastic processes on thick targets.hadronic
test47 Intermediate energy validation is done by comparing Monte Carlo predictions vs experimental data.hadronic
test48 Stopping particle test Monte Carlo predictions are compared to experimental data.hadronic
test75 Test of gamma-nuclear interactionshadronic
DNA Geant4-DNA physics processes and modelsmedical